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The global object $Eventview is missing in the TAC Vista database.


The global object $Eventview is missing in the TAC Vista database.

How to recreate global objects:


Vista Workstation


The alarm and event view global objects have been deleted or are missing.


Login to the master server by using TAMAIN.exe (located in the TAC Vista program folder) and check if the objects are missing.
If they are, please do as follows:

Creating a Abstract object e.g. $Eventview in TAC Vista 4.3.1 and later

  1. To see the object global eventview in workstation you need to press shift+CTRL+refresh in the object window.
  2. Assuming TAC Vista is installed as default:
    C:\Program Files\TAC\TAC Vista 4.4.1\$cfg
    Find a file named objtmpl.cfg and make sure to make a copy of that file, just in case
  3. Edit the file with notepad and find the string eventview_gl, here you can see how this object is defined.
  4. Remove AB , (stands for abstract object), save and close.
  5. Open the TAC Vista database folder and open the subfolder called $thisdb.
  6. Change the name of the file TacVista.cfg, to TacVistaold.cfg
  7. Restart TAC Vista.
  8. Start the testclient (testclt.exe) in C:\Program Files\TAC\TAC Vista 4.4.1.
  9. Log in, open services, create, ID=EventView Type=eventview_gl push create.
  10. Now you have to change the name of the created object to $Eventview.
    1. In the testclient(testclt.exe) open services, access.
    2. Log in, open services, create, Enter ID=EventView.$name.
    3. Push request, now you should see the actual name in the value field.
    4. Write $Eventview in the New Value field, press poke.
  11. Reset AB for the eventview_gl object in the objtmpl.cfg (the one you removed earlier), save and close.
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