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The license request program does not show WP-TECH-58. How do I order a customer license for release 5.8 of the WorkPlace Tech Tool software?


I want to request a license for a new customer installation of the WorkPlace Tech Tool version 5.8 but the license request program only shows WP-TECH-50, not WP-TECH-58.


WorkPlace Tech Tool release 5.8


Change in license part numbers.

License Product Code now specifies the major version number only.  This was done to simplify the process of making the determination of when a license upgrade (WP-TECH-xxU) is required.

This change was made as part of the license file change made to allow for up to fifteen consecutive 365-day expiring licenses.


The license product code WP-TECH-50 will unlock any customer installation of the WorkPlace Tech Tool software, releases 5.x.x. i.e., where the first digit of the release number is 5.

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