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The setting of Time schedule object or Setpoint object returns to initial value after Vista database is imported


After Vista system commissioning finished. Site engineers need to move Vista database from engineer laptops to site PC. Sometimes Vista database export & import needed. Engineers found some time schedule or setpoint (PVI / PVR / PVB) returned to initial value, not the value they changed during the commissioning progress or customer defined later.


  • Vista
  • Menta


Vista may not save customer changes to the Menta file sometimes. Therefore, when exporting the menta file, those forced by operator values may not be carried along with.


To save the latest setting of time schedule object or setpoint object in Vista database before export the database, make sure following steps have done.

  1. Right click on the Xenta controller and select "Edit"
  2. Input "username" and "password" after the Menta application window comes up.
  3. In the Menta application, click "Vista Database", select "Save",
  4. Make sure following window is displayed. If not, try making some modification in Menta, such as move a wire or block. Then click "Vista Database >Save"
  5. Repeat step 1 to 4 for those Xenta controllers which need export.
  6. In Vista Workstation, click "File > Database > Export" to export the desired networks / Xenta Servers / Devices.
  7. Copy the ZIP file to target PC, and Import the contents to the final system.
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