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The stop watch object provided in the VisiSat bubbleland list of object, operates erratically when set to trigger on days.


The stop watch object operates erratically when set to days. If you set the stop watch to issue a pulse once a day it can issue a pulse 2 or 3 times during the day.


  • VisiSat
  • Bubbleland
  • Stopwatch


Software/firmware error. No fix planned.


When programming a stop watch do not use days.

Instead of 7 days  use 168 hours 
Instead of 14 days Use 336 hours

 If there is a requirement to convert the value back to a day for MicroNet View graphical representation, A suggested method follows: -


In VisiSat find the stopwatch object.

 Add the Stopwatch Rollover to the VisiSat points list.

Under the menu topic Tools Export your points list to MicroNet View.


In the MicroNet View project manager and load the new points.

To view the hour value received from the controller as weeks on the graphical interface.

Open MicroNet View in Development mode (Window Maker)

Open the window that the value will be added too.

Add some text to the Windows you want to display the value.

For example “###

To view the rollover value, add the tag for the stop watch rollover value.

To show the value as weeks add /24 after the tagname.

Below is an example of both showing the results.

This can be achieved using a data change script.
In MicroNet Window Maker (Development mode) add a tag and data change script.
The tag could look something like this.

The minimum and maximum values of the tag can be changed to provide limits.

The data change script could look something like this.

 To display and allow the user to change the value in weeks.
Add some text to the Windows you want to display the value.
For example “###

Inside the "###" should be set for "user inputs Analog" (Analogue)

 Click on "user inputs Analog and select the data change tag created earlier.

 Using the example from above, the window will now look like this

 To set the rollover in days click the days set area.

 Change to the required amount of days.

Hit the return key to enter the value.

 The Rollover is now set to 14 days.
It is important to remember the rollover value in the controller its not 14 it is the hour value 336.
It is just at the MicroNet View front end/user interface window where it is displayed as days.

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