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The temperature displayed on a Satchwell CZT Climatronic controller shows three dashes.


The CZT controller does not display the correct temperature, only dashes.


Satchwell CZT Climatronic controller.


The temperature sensor used has not been connected to the correct controller input terminals.


This controller type is capable of supporting the two ranges of Satchwell sensor, these are the original type, which had a resistance of 1690 ohms @ 20'C and the "T" type range, which has a resistance of 5573 ohms @ 20'C. Connection of the sensor to the controller is as follows;

1 - Old range sensor (1690 ohms @ 20'C) is connected to terminals 1 and 3.

2 - New "T" type sensor (5573 ohms @ 20'C) is connected to terminals 2 and 3.

If the sensor is correctly connected before the controller is powered up, then the controller will establish which sensor type is connected to it, but if the wrong terminals are used, then it may be necessary to "Reload the controller Defaults" to obtain the correct reading.

Reloading the controller Defaults.

1 - Ensure that the sensor wiring is correctly connected to the appropriate terminals.

2 - Power down the controller.

3 - Press and hold in the controller "Enter" key.

4 - Switch the controller power back on, while still pressing the "Enter" key in.

5 - Continue to press the "Enter" key for a few seconds, before releasing it.

The controller will now display the correct temperature.

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