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Three different options in XBuilder when Send to Target is selected


When downloading an XBuilder project (Send to Target) a window pops up with three send options:

  • Send all project and language files
  • Send all project files
  • Send modified project files

What is the difference between each of these and when is it appropriate to use each one?


  • XBuilder
  • Xenta Servers
  • Xenta 511, 527, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913


Knowing what each option does and when it's best to use each one can save a lot of time in troubleshooting integrations and general operations of a Xenta Server.


  1. Send all project and language files
    This option is very rarely used. The only time it is necessary to send language files is when the display language inside the Xenta Server is being changed (e.g. from English to Polish).
  2. Send all project files
    If there was a default operation to always use, it would be send all project files. It will always perform the desired operation. However, it always prompts a reboot of the Xenta Server. Communication with the Xenta unit will be interrupted for ~2 minutes while the reboot occurs. If a lot of quick changes are being tested, this can add unnecessary time to the task. However, the reboot is sometimes desired. Especially when making small changes to integration device templates, a reboot will ensure the changes take immediate effect. In general, if a change has been made to the Network pane in XBuilder, all project files should be sent.
  3. Send modified project files
    Send modified project files when minor changes to the System pane have been made. Adding a values page, editing a time object, deleting a graphic page. These are all changes that can be sent with only modified project files. This will not reboot the unit and will allow for faster editing of the project.
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