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Time Synchronization of Xenta programmable controllers under Automation Server


How is the time synchronized between the Automation Server and Xenta Programmable Controllers?

If the time synchronization is offline, what can be done to correct this?


Automation Server

Building Operation Workstation


Time Synchronization occurs between the Automation Server and the Xenta Programmable controllers during two events:

  1. When the Xenta programmable controller is commissioned.
  2. Periodically the time is synchronized (default 10 minutes, but configurable).

For the time synchronization to work properly it is critical to ensure that the time zone of the automation server is correct and the date/time of the automation server is correct.


Walk through these steps to troubleshoot the synchronization of the Automation Server and Xenta controllers.
  1. Check that all Xenta devices are at software revision 3.74 or higher
  2. Check the local time of the Xenta programmable controller by accessing the properties of the programmable controller and using the "Xenta" property tab group. The local time is listed there.
  3. Check the time zone of the automation server. By default the "Factory time zone" needs to be changed for proper operation.
  4. Check the server time of the Automation Server in the Basic property tab of the Automation Server.
  5. Check Time Synchronization Interval setting of the LonWorks Network object under the advanced tab in the Xenta General section. Default is 10 minutes.
  6. Either wait for the interval to elapse or manually commission the controller to synchronize the time and check the local time of the controller to ensure it completed properly.


Note: Keep in mind that the time displayed time in Workstation reflects the time zone of the local machine. If you are logging into an Automation Server in a different time zone, the alarms and events will be displayed in your local time, not the time of the Automation Server's time zone. For more information on Time settings and Synchronization see Lessons Learned Article #7803.

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