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Time schedules not becoming active in a Xenta 731


Time schedule in Menta on Xenta 731 using a Central Time Chart not becoming active.


  • Xenta 731
  • Menta
  • Central Time Chart


Even though a Central Time schedule on the server level can be created with an event that spans 2 days (23:00 to 01:00), the TSCHI block in Menta does not process the day change and will not activate the schedule.


The Java schedule does not allow creation of these schedules. 2 separate events would be required to work across 2 days (should you need a schedule to be active across midnight).

For example, running a schedule from 6pm to 2am you would need 2 separate events: one from 6pm (18:00) to 12-midnight (00:00) and one from 12-midnight(00:00) to 2am (02:00).

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