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Trend Logging in an AS - How can I store two years of logged data in an AS?


How can I keep two years of logged data in an AS?


Trend Logging

Extended Trend Logging



A customer need to store logged data to two years in an AS.


A customer wanted to log a value every 5 minutes for 2 years. This equates to 105120 records per year (Approx.).

A Trend log in an AS will store 1000 records.

An Extended Trend Log will store 100,000 records.

Therefore a single log will start to overwrite in about a year.

To overcome this issue two Trend Logs and Extended Trend Logs are required.

Create a Trend Log and Extended Trend Log for Year 1 (Odd Years).

Create a second Trend Log and Extended Trend Log for Year 2 (Even Years).

Both of the above Trend Logs with be set to log the same variable.

Create a programme to select if the year is "odd" or "even", a possible Script might be.



In each trend log select the "Activation Method" as "Variable Controlled", and in the "Activation variable" field, "Browse" to the "Script Program" output that is appropriate.


 Logging will now take place in the Trend Log appropriate for that year.



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