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Trend log values from M-bus meters under a Xenta Server are mixed up


Trend log values from two or more M-bus meters under a Xenta Server are intermittently mixed up, also when viewing a trend log page in the Xenta Server's web interface.

Values from meter 1 are (sometimes) logged in meter 2's trend log and/or vice versa.


Xenta 913

Xenta 701

Xenta 711

Xenta 721

Xenta 731

M-bus meter


When secondary addressing is used for the meters, there is an extra telegram sent from the Xenta Server before asking for the actual values/data. The M-bus meters then replies to this telegram so that the Xenta Server knows which secondary address belongs to which meter. In some cases (only seen with a few meters) these addresses seems to be intermittently mixed up and this will cause the issue described above. 


Use primary addressing for the M-bus meters.

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