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Triggered Time Stamp behavior


@TriggeredTimeStamp does not always report the last time an object transitioned to an off-normal state.


  • Alarms
  • Substitution Codes
  • Event Notifications.


Both the Normal and the Reset alarm states represent conditions where the alarmed object has assumed an acceptable value and is not in alarm

  • Reset = The object has returned to a normal state but the return to normal notification has not been acknowledged.
  • Normal = The object has returned to a normal state and the return to normal notification has been acknowledged.

The TriggeredTimeStamp value is updated only when the object transitions from a Reset Alarm State to an Alarm Alarm state.

The TriggeredTimeStamp value is not updated when the object transitions from an Alarm Alarm State to a Reset Alarm state.

If an object goes into alarm and that alarm event is never again acknowleged, the Triggered Time Stamp will continue to reflect that initial alarm transition time regardless of how many times the object goes into and out of an alarm state.


In order to get the Triggered Time Stamp to update, the notification must be acknowleged so that the alarm can return to a Normal state (rather than Alarm State = Reset) before it transitions to Alarm. 

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