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Trouble getting S-Flex VFD on the MSTP


S-Flex VFD with BACnet card will not come online with bCX


S-Flex, bCX, MSTP


BACnet communication card that comes with S-Flex VFD is not set up by default to communicate via BACnet 


S-Flex VFD has Altivar 21 BACnet Card VW3A21315. The default communication protocol setting for this card is Modbus RTU/Lonworks. Change setting of the communication protocol parameter F829 to a value of 4 (BACnet).

Note: Must power cycle the drive for any settings to take effect.

Set F800 (comm speed) to value of 1 - this is the default ,19200 and make sure the MSTP is set the same.

Set F891 to a value of 2 (bit rate of 19200 bit/s) 

Also set F893, F894, F895, F896 - other BACnet settings. See Altivar 21 BACnet Card manual for more information.

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