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Trouble running programs on CyberStation.


Every so often one or two programs on the Continuum workstation stop working. 

Editing the program results in: A Cached Program cannot be opened while it is being written


  • CyberStation
  • WebClient
  • Continuum Programs


  • CyberStation was not installed properly.
  • Too many demands are being placed on the workstation.


If the problem results from a problem with the installation of Continuum Cyberstation, refer to Lessons Learned Article #4850.

Once Continuum has been properly installed, the problem may result from placing to many demands on the Continuum workstation.  Some questions that should be asked are...

  • How many programs are being run on the Cyberstation concurrently.
  • The default setting for Run on any workstation when a workstation program in created is false.  This property should be checked for all workstation programs whether they must be run from another workstation or not.  This setting can be found in the Program properties editor.
  • An a cached program cannot be opened while it is being written error may occurring when a report program is writing to disk. 
  • Verify that the Cyberstation PC conforms to the Continuum Compatibility Matrix for the Continuum version.
  • How many PE programs are running on this workstation, how complex are these programs and are high level commands such as: Rotate Run Run Shell Shell OpenFile OpenList GetName GetObject being used frequently.
  • How many report programs are running concurrently. 
  • Is the report workstation 100% dedicated to running reports and nothing else; no alarm reporting, no schedules, no extended log downloading, no Access server functions?
  • Is the workstation hardware and operating system sufficient for the work CyberStation is expected to do.
  • Managing these demands may involve sharing the reporting load over several CyberStations and/or adjusting the timing of processor intensive programs so that the workstation is executing fewer tasks at any given time.


  • In some cases program performance may be impaired due to insufficient memory allocation. See Lessons Learned Article #4864.


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