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Troubleshoot ID 0 errors when doing a Save to Database


Some things to look for when you get ID 0 errors when doing a Save to Database


Continuum Database


There are several causes such as date and time settings, scan variables, IP addresses, etc. Some troubleshooting steps are listed below based on different possible causes.


  1. Confirm that the date has been set in the controller.
  2. Edit the scan system variable and put a description in the description field. Doing this will update the LastChanged attribute of the Scan system variable.
  3. Verify that an IP address has been configured in the controller.
  4. If you are saving a remote site back that is earlier than revision 1.52 you need to set an IP address in the remote controller.
  5. Verify that the CX controller is at least revision 1.5
  6. Verify that the controller is not reset.
  7. In some rare cases we saw that you would have a problem if you created the CX controller while offline editing. The correction in this case was to go offline edit, delete the CX in Cyberstation, go online, recreate the CX and then do the save to database.
  8. If the controller you are saving back has to go through a firewall and the firewall has blocked the access to the other IP addresses of the other controllers this controller knows about.
  9. Port numbers 33487, 33440, and 33456 are blocked in a router. Specifically port number 33456 is used for the save to database functionality.
  10. Make sure Firewall programs are not blocking the network connections. Disable any firewall programs before doing a “Send to DB”.
  11. Create a debug file (Acc_Dump_Debug.txt). See the Infinity-to-Continuum Upgrade document. Look in the debug file and see where it failed and act accordingly. 
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