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Troubleshooting I/NET .gpg to TGML Graphics conversion


Various problems with converted TGML graphics

  • Bindings of the I/NET objects within Building Operations have wrong and / or illegal point address.


I/NET integration with SmartStruxure


Improper preparation before converting graphics may cause nuisance issues.


Ensure the following is done when converting a sites I/NET graphics to TGML

Before converting the graphics to TGML

  • Ensure all save files are current
  • Ensure the I/NET network configuration is current

Before importing the graphics to StruxureWare

  • Ensure that all affected controllers are imported.  Do not change any names or descriptions before importing graphics
  • Upload any controller which indicates it is required. This will ensure that point names for graphic bindings are correct.
  • In the INET Interface path box, enter the path to where the INET interface is located in WorkStation. This setting affects the bindings that get defined for objects in the resulting TGML file(s). If you accepted the default name when you created the I/NET interface in WorkStation, this path is typically /Server 1/INET Interface/.  Make sure this matches the installed system details.  

Click Here to get more detail from the Online Web Help.

Check out the I/Net Transition: Graphics Conversion video on the Community website.

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