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UI-8-10 input reads only 5 volts dc when dip switch is set for 10 volt input.


UI-8-10 input reads only 5 volts dc  when dip switch is set for 10 volt input.


  • UI-8-10
  • Input


Improperly configured input.


Page 40 of IO Module System Reference Guide states. 

The 0-10V range allows connection to signals up to 10.00V. In this mode the circuit
actually uses the same input measuring circuit as the 0-5V range, however, it divides the
voltage present by two thereby limiting the internal circuitry to 0-5V. When you read a 0-
10V input the actual reading will be 0-5V. You must adjust your readings for the higher
range via formula. This is accomplished by applying a conversion factor to the reading.
When creating a 10V InfinityInput, set the Conversion to ElecValue * 2.

When using the 10V mode be sure to set the Reference resistor switch to Off.

Note: Setting the Reference Resistor enable switch to ‘ON’ and setting the Range
to ‘10V’ is invalid. Switching to 10V inputs dramatically lowers the impedance of
the input to 4.4 KΩ.

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