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UNC-510 BACnet MS/TP driver will not stay enabled when attempting to communicate at 38.4kbaud


Added BACnet MS/TP devices to UNC-510, configuring the port to a baud rate of 38.4kbaud and cannot keep the MS/TP port enabled.


UNC-510 with BACnet 527i jar file


Maximum baud rate for the RS-485 port(s) on a UNC-510 is 19.2kbaud.


Must set the baud rate for the MS/TP driver to 9600 or 19,200 baud.   Faster baud rates are not supported by the UNC-510 hardware.

If adding the BACnet jar file to a previously loaded UNC, you must also add the following line
to the file in the UNC.  Please note that the information in this line is case sensitive and must be entered as shown.

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