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UNC532/UNC632/DNN/IC circuit board fixings broken.


Circuit board fixing posts broken.


  • Sigma BAS
  • UNC532
  • UNC632
  • DNN
  • IC


Upon receipt of a UNC532/UNC632/DNN/IC the circuit board is loose in the box, fixing posts sheared or broken. 


One of the following options could provide a solution: -


Option 1: -
Return the product under warranty.


Option 2: -
Contact product support requesting the supply of replacement posts.
Click here to email Product Support.

In your email please provide the following information: 

  1. Name on purchase order.
  2. Name of company.
  3. Where the units were purchased. (Distributor name or direct from Schneider.
  4. Copy of order confirmation.
  5. Specification number of equipment effected.
  6. Number of units that have broken posts.
  7. Number of posts per unit found to be broken.

It would help identify the cause, if you could also provide some information regarding the condition of the units packaging, and if packaged with other units, the condition of the main packaging overall.

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