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UltiVist does not execute on a server even though all the background programs and the actual executable file run with no errors.


The hard drive was replaced and reloaded with OS/2.  UltiVist was re-installed on D: partition.  The UltiVist shortcut appears on the OS/2 desktop.  When it is executed, the background programs initiate as they should with no errors reported.  The primary UltiVist executable also starts but no operator views appear and the familiar "low beep-high beep" audio signal of a successful start to the program does not occur.  Again, no errors are reported.

The UltiVist was re-installed over-top the existing installation with no change or improvement.


UltiVist version 1.22 and newer

OS/2 all versions


The original hard drive failed and was replaced with a new one.


At an OS/2 command prompt, type 'd:' then enter.  Type 'cd fi' then enter.

In the d:\fi directory, find the ultivist.cmd file and look at its contents by typing "view ultivist.cmd".  The last two lines should read:


Try typing each line at the command prompt a few seconds apart. 
The first line starts all the background/support programs.  The second starts the actual interface program.

If either line fails to properly execute, cut or rename the entire fi folder and re-install UltiVist from floppy disk (or CD).
Do not install over-top the existing installation.

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