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Unable to Open Tablet Settings of Advanced Display


Advanced Display in "Sealed" or "ProKiosk" mode stops access to some device functions. Unable to escape Sealed or ProKiosk mode as the password is unknown.


Advanced Display V1

Advanced Display V2


Sealed (Android version 5 and earlier) or ProKiosk mode (Android version 6 and later) is a feature of Android that is used by the AD-Link application to lock down functionality of the device, ensuring that only the allowed application runs. The user can't use the device for other purposes (games, etc.) or to change the settings.

When the AD-Link Application is running and the connection activated "Sealed" or "ProKiosk" mode is enabled.


Open the AD-Link application and press the Disconnect button

The "Sealed or "ProKiosk" mode is disabled and full access to the device is enabled.

To re-enable the IP over USB connection in order to access a SmartStruxure server via USB press the Connect button in the AD-Link App. Note that this will also activate "Sealed" or "ProKiosk" mode again

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