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Unable to access door schedule from an I/NET Graphic


Unable to access door schedule from an I/NET Graphic.  Attempts to modify the schedule bring up the time schedule point extension for the point instead of the door ATS.


I/NET Graphics


When adding a door to a graphic page you can either add it using the Point tool or the Door Tool. If you are using the point tool you will only be able to edit point extensions from the graphics page.  If you wish to use Access features you must use the Door Tool


  1. Edit the graphics page
  2. Right click on the point object and click properties.
  3. A Discrete Point Drawing Styles Window will pop up.  Note the Point Address
  4. Click Cancel
  5. Select I/NET>Doors to activate the I/NET Door Tool
  6. Click next to the point object and select the appropriate door.
  7. Click okay
  8. Right click on the door and select Properties.
  9. Configure the Door Point Drawing Styles as desired.
  10. If desired, delete the Discrete Point  object from the graphics page.
  11. Save your work and View the Graphics page
  12. To modify the ATS, right click on the Door and select Door Schedules.
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