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Unable to add SmartStruxure Server Device to Enterprise Server - "Log on temporarily disabled"


  • When attempting to add an Automation Server to my Enterprise Server receive "Log on temporarily disabled'


SmartStruxure Server Devices using version 1.8

  • Automation Server AS, AS-P AS-B


This only occurs after an initial failed attempt to add a server to the Enterprise Server.  On each subsequent 'add' it always tries to authorize to the server with the Building Operations default admin login, which in most cases is no longer valid.

So when the default account has been locked initially it will not be unlocked as every time the server is being added the default account is been used with the incorrect credentials and it therefore fails.  The "temporary" condition is never recovered. 

At the time of publishing this article, the plan was to correct this functionality in version 2.0


The current workaround to allow the SmartStruxure Server Device to be added to the Enterprise Server is to perform a Warm Start or by cycling the power on the device. 

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