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Unable to backup an R2 UNC-520 database, receive error " Connection refused: connect at Method) at ja...


Unable to backup an R2 UNC-520 database, receive error  " Connection refused: connect
at Method)           
at Source)        
at Source)           
at Source)           
at Source)  
at Source)  
at Source)          
at Source)      
at tridium.nre.drivers.SocketDriver$TcpSocketFactory.createSocket(       
at tridium.nre.drivers.SocketDriver.create(           
at tridium.nre.drivers.SocketDriver$"


I/A Series R2 UNC-520

I/A Series R2 WorkPlace Pro,  error reported in build r2.301.529


The WorkPlace Pro cannot connect to the UNC-520 at the given IP address. 

The error message stems from a bug in the Sun java, "The Socket constructor does not give an Exception on an unknown IP address. It just hangs."


Verify that the UNC is capable of communicating at the IP address specified. For example, if the UNC is rebooting constantly, it will not be able to communicate.

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