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Unable to connect Remote Client to Standalone Server


Unable to connect Remote Client to Standalone Server

ASTDIR error when attempting to configure I/NET is sometimes caused by not being logged in as an administrator.


I/NET Configuration


To configure a remote client open port 50069 between the 2 workstations, use an admin level I/NET password to initiate communication and be logged in as an administrator on the local machine.


  1. Log in to Windows as an administrator level user
  2. Make sure that I/O server is not running
  3. Open I/NET Configuration
  4. Modify the active profile or create a new one
  5. Set TCP/IP settings as well as required reference hosts
  6. For Workstation type, select Remote Client or Remote Client (w/IO)
  7. When the authentication screen comes up enter an I/NET operator name that has full access.
  8. Enter the Host name of the standalone machine functioning as the server. (you may also enter the IP address instead)
  9. Leave Authentication Type as default.
  10. Press OK
  11. Press OK and start I/NET

For More information see Lessons Learned Article #3943 and Lessons Learned Article #3965.

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