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Unable to connect to Infinet Roam IO 2 tool using Windows 7 / Update fix


When using the Roam IO 2 tool, you are unable to connect to the controller using the infinet tool, but you can connect using the BACnet tool.

Bluetooth has connected fine using both tools.


  • Windows 7
  • Roam IO 2
  • Infinet
  • BACnet


This issue is due to a firmware mismatch.


There is a new version of the RoamIO tool firmware available, 
You must update to this version for the tool to connect correctly.
  1. Download the update RoamIO tool here.
  2. Using a 3rd party unzip program, Unzip the file.
  3. Update the Roam IO 2 tool with the Roam IO 2 connected
  4. Using the BACnet RoamIO software, goto tools and then update.
  5. Select the update .UPD file you have just downloaded, this will flash upgrade the Roam IO 2 to the latest firmware
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