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Unable to connect to a Simple XML Web Service


When adding a Simple XML Web Service interface in to SmartStruxure, the following error message is given. 


  • SmartStruxure Workstation
  • SmartStruxure Web Service Interface
  • Enterprise Server 
  • Automation Server
  • Automation Server Premium 


The (403) Forbidden error means that the destination of the XML address being used is denying access. 


Follow these steps:
  1. Verify that the XML address can be reached in a normal web browser. 
  2. Contact the provider of the XML web service to gather more information on their requirements. 

Note: Some providers require a username and password to acquire their information. In other cases they may require that the HTTP request contain an user-agent header. For example, requires the HTTP header and will block any request without it. SmartStruxure does not currently support the HTTP user-agent header. You can check out this Community Post as a possible workaround for these situations. 

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