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Unable to create ContinuumDB on new Standalone system using SQL Express. SA password must be a strong password.


Pop-up error message displayed when trying to create ContinuumDB on stand-alone system. Unable to get past this to create the database.

Error message similar to below:

"Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup
The sa password must meet SQL Server password policy requirement. For strong password guidelines, see Authentication Mode, in SQL Server Books Online."


Continuum Stand-alone

SQL Express


When SQLExpress was installed a "strong" SA password was not defined.


  1. Download and install management studio express.
  2. Change SA password so that it now complies as a strong password. (includes upper case, lower case, number, letter, minimum length of 8 characters)
    1. Find the SA user under Security\Logins.
    2. Change the Password.
  3. Run Database Initialization again and create the new database using this new SA password.
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