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Unable to log in to the report server via a web browser


Unable to log in to the report server via a web browser, after having successfully installed the web reports package. No explanation is given as to why the login was unsuccessful. 


StruxureWare Building Operation 1.2 Enterprise Server (ES), Workstation and Web Reports.


The most probable cause is that the there is no connection with the ES. Without a connection to the ES, the Web Reports Server is unable to confirm the account being used to log in with is valid.


Test the connection with the ES

1. On the same PC as the ES is installed on, try logging on via StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation.

2. If this is successful, try logging on to the Enterprise server from the same server as the Web reports server is installed on. To check the URL and port settings open the StruxureWare Software Administrator on the ES server PC.

If step 2 (above) is unsuccessful, go to step 3. Otherwise go to step 4.

3. Check the firewall setting on the 2 PC,s. Ensure that the ports used by the ES (Check the Software Administrator for information about ports) and the Web Reports Server are not blocked.

4. Re-run the StruxureWare WebReports Installer (link to documentation). Pay particular attention to the Reporting agent  section. Make sure that the Enterprise Server URL and port number are the same as that shown in the ES' StruxureWare Software Administrator.

Once installation is complete, it should be possible to log in to the Web Reports web server. If there is still no contact with the ES the network should be checked. A network protocol analyzer (such as wireshark) can be used to identify the cause of the problem.

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