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Unable to login to Security Expert using Windows Authentication


Windows authentication is not working with Security Expert once configured.


Security Expert

Windows Authentication


Windows authentication was not installed or configured properly during initial install/setup of Security Expert.


1. Install the Security Expert Server, and any Security Expert Clients, with the "Use Windows Authentication" option enabled during the installation process. If this was not initially done at install then you will need to backup your SecurityExpert and SecurityExpertEvents databases, uninstall Security Expert (installing overtop or repairing install may not work) and then re-install Security Expert with the "Use Windows Authentication" option enabled.


2. Go to Global | Operators and create a new operator. The Name can be anything you want. The User Name must be the domain name and domain username you want to have access to Security Expert. This is in the form of "domain\username" as shown in the example image. Set a Role for this operator. And then enable the "Use Windows Authentication" checkbox and save the changes.


3. Go to Global | Home and logout of Security Expert.

4. On the login page select the "Use Windows Authentication" checkbox, set the Server to your Security Expert Server machine name (or blank if it is the local machine) and press Logon.


5. You should now be logged into Security Expert with your Windows username being used.


If you receive an "Access Denied" or other error then confirm the following before contacting Product Support for further help.

  1. Security Expert Client and Server were installed with "Use Windows Authentication" option enabled.
  2. There is an operator object created in Security Expert with the same domain and user name as the domain user you are trying to login with.
  3. The "Use Windows Authentication" option is enabled on this operator object.
  4. At the login screen you have enabled "Use Windows Authentication" and set the Server correctly.
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