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Unable to open Trend Log automatic activation start time calendar


When creating a trend log in TAC XBuilder it is possible to choose automatic activation. If the automatic option is chosen you can browse in a start time for the trend log using a calendar. It is not possible to open this calendar.


  • XBuilder
  • Trend Logs


TAC XBuilder is using Microsoft's ActiveX Calendar Control file (mscal.ocx) this is normally installed when you install Microsoft Office Professional (i.e. a version including Access) or when you install Microsoft Access. If mscal.ocx is not installed on the computer it is not possible to open the calendar.


The file mscal.ocx should be in the folder \\windows\system or \\windows\system32.  If not, please follow the steps below to install the mscal.ocx file.

  1. Click here to download the file.
  2. Store the file at \\windows\system or \\windows\system32
  3. go to Start->Run and type cmd to open the command window
  4. type "regsvr32.exe mscal.ocx"

Now the calendar should be able to edit in Xbuilder.

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