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Unable to order parts that were previously available before discontinuation of low volume parts.


Trying to order a controller part number that has been discontinued due to low volume sales / duplicate part numbers.


Continuum  IP level Controllers

NetController II Series
bCX1 Series
ACX Series
NetController II Series
bCX1 Series
ACX Series
NetController II Series
bCX1 Series
ACX Series


Discontinuation of duplicate and low volume parts has removed a number of previously existing part numbers from the Continuum catalog. These parts are still available but will need to be ordered as a base unit and then upgraded through Repairs.


The IP level controllers were part of a roll up of the product numbers where low volume part numbers were discontinued. These parts can still be obtained but will need to be chosen from the list of available parts and then get an upgrade through Repairs to add the additional features that may be required. See the Product Announcement on this which includes the currently available part numbers.

To order a BCX1-CR-127-SA part which is no longer available, you will need to order the base unit BCX1-CR-127 and then have Repairs add the -SA (SNMP) option to that controller.
Note: for further Continuum parts that have been discontinued see article#7201.
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