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Unable to specify the BACnet Object class in a Infinity Numeric template.


Infinity Numeric Templates do not allow the BACnet Object type to be specified.


BACnet controllers




The BACnet Object Type is greyed out.


A Workaround for this is to create multiple templates for the different BACnet object types, one template for BACnet Analog Values, one for BACnet Binary Values and one for BACnet Multistate values. You define all of your other attributes as required then create the objects.

By default it will create Analog Values, then if you change the BACnet Object Type to Binary Value in one of the objects created from the "Binary value" template, this will prompt you to change all other objects created from this template, so all objects will be changed.

You can do the same for Multistate values.

Note: Analog Value, or Binary Value templates can only be applied to Workstations you cannot create objects in the Blue BACnet folders of a bCX controller.


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