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Understanding and configuring controllers for access control using SystemStatus and AccessServer system variables.


Understanding and configuring controllers for access control using SystemStatus and AccessServer system variables.


Continuum Access Controllers




Netcontroller II


Not sure what the various values for SystemStatus and AccessServer are and what they need to be set to for successful access control.


There are three main items that need to be considered when setting up, or troubleshooting, an access controller.

1. SystemStatus
The first thing to realize is that there are four different modes that the Access controller can be set to, the SystemStatus indicates the mode controller is currently in. This is an access control-only system variable and will default to NoDatabase if the controller is not set-up for access control.

These four values are as follows:

  1. Normal — The controller is working normally.
  2. NoComm — Local controller has lost communications to the Workstations configured as Primary and Secondary Access Servers.
  3. NoDatabase — Access server and the local controller has been reset or have otherwise lost the database to check access card numbers and personal identification numbers (PINs) against. Can also indicate that the local controller has lost comms to the Access Server and has no local personnel database to authenticate to.
  4. ColdStart — Indicates the Access Controller SystemStatus initial value, before any door has been configured.

Below is the sequence for how SystemStatus gets set:

  • On a ColdStart if the AccessServer = 1-190 it is set to NoDatabase when the first door is configured. When CyberStation finishes the personnel distribution, it explicitly sets the value to Normal. 
  • On a ColdStart if the AccessServer  > 190 it is set to Normal when the first door is configured and the controller is communicating with the Primary and/or Secondary Access Server workstations.
  • Note: Upon initial configuration, or a restart, the CyberStation can fail to set the SystemStatus to Normal; leaving the controller in NoDatabase mode. If this occurs, the value can be manually set to Normal to "kick start" this again.

2. AccessServer
The second thing to look at is that the value of the AccessServer SystemVariable has been set. This should be set to the ACC Net Id of the Workstation configured as the Primary Access Server (> 190) for local then remote validation or set to the controllers ACC Net Id for local validation only.

3. Door Object
The Third thing is that your Door objects need to be configured on how to handle each of these three conditions, there are a number of ways they can require authentication when a card is presented, these are listed in the Entry Reader and Exit Reader tabs of the Door object in the form of check boxes. The main ones are validate site, validate card, valid pin, and Door Forced Lock Schedule. Tick whatever options are required.

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