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Unifact Pro Controller - Network Temperature configuration question.


Sending the network temperature to both controllers.


Unifact Pro



Network temperature


The customer has two Unifact Pro controllers, both with a temperature sensor connected to it. There is a requirement for the two temperature values to be averaged in the Sigma IC-Unifact, and for the averaged temperature to be transmitted back on to the network for use by the controllers. Is this possible?


It is not possible to use this Unifact Pro configuration, because of the following;

  • If a controller has a temperature sensor fitted, then it will normally try to use this sensor.
  • If the "Network Temperature Updates" selection is enabled, then initially the sensor value is used, but when the network update is received, it will overwrite the sensor value.
  • As the sensor value is overwritten, this value will be fed back to the Sigma IC, and a loop will be formed that does not include the actual temperatures.

To review the Sigma IC-Unifact datasheet please click HERE.

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