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Unit Conversion Exceptions feature


  • Unit Conversion Exceptions
  • Unit selection of 'bar' defaults to N/m2 unit
  • Units are not displaying unit as selected in the properties


StruxureWare Building Operation 1.2 and above


Building Operation supports both the SI metric system and the US Customary System for units of measurement. The operating system regional settings on which WorkStation is installed determine whether SI units or US Imperial units are displayed. The conversion between the two measurement systems is managed automatically.
For example, the temperature 42,82 °C is stored in Building Operation. A WorkStation on an operating system with the US Customary System converts the temperature and displays it as 109.08 °F.
To display the original unit of a value in WorkStation, open the Properties pane for the value and go to the Unit selection dialog box.

As part of this process some units selected, default to a default display unit, and not what was originally selected.  For example, selecting the pressure unit 'bar' when configured in a SI regional setting will display by default the unit 'N/m2' and not 'bar' as selected.  This functionality is as per design but can be altered by using the Unit Conversion Exceptions feature.


In the release version 1.2 and above there is a feature that allows the operator to create unit exceptions, called Unit Conversion Exceptions.  This is located under the Domain folder and allows various conversions for different domains.  The steps below indicate how this is achieved.

  1. Locate the Unit Conversion Exceptions under the required Domain
  2. The Unit Conversion exceptions are now displayed in the Workspace.  The Add remove buttons are located at the bottom of this workspace
  3. Add the Configured unit, which is the selected unit for the variable you wish to be converted
  4. Then change the SI Display Unit and / or US Display Unit to the desired unit you wish the configured unit to be displayed / converted too
  5. Save these changes and confirm that it is now displayed in the desired unit.  In some cases you may need to log out and then back in for the changes to be applied.

Online Web Help is also available here:

If your system is based in US region then you can default you measurement system to US as per Article #7400

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