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Unlocking a door after First Valid Access


At times there is a need to keep a door unlocked with a schedule, but this can cause a problem if there is extreme weather and no one is at the building. 


  • Continuum
  • AC1/AC1A
  • AC1 Plus
  • ACX5740
  • ACX781


Leaving a buildings door open when there is no one at the building is a security risk. This work around will take care of this problem.


The way around the issue of having a door open from a schedule when no one is in the building due to inclement weather is to set up a Plain English program to set the Unlock InfinityNumeric On only if the schedule InfinityNumeric is On AND there has been a valid access to the door.


FlowType Loopin

Objects required

  • Door1 - the name of the door to control
  • SchedNum - InfinityNumeric controlled by the schedule
  • UnlockNum - InfinityNumeric linked to Door1 Door Unlock Schedule

Code Example (This must be edited to reflect the door name and schedule numeric that has been created)

     If SchedNum=On then GoTo WaitForValid

     If Door1 ValidAccess is True then
        GoTo WaitForEnd

     If SchedNum=Off then GoTo WaitForSched

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