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Unusual workstation behavior.


Plain English reports programs generate "Object cannot be located in database" when referencing objects in controllers that other workstation can reference.

Version number in Controller editor Details page shows 0.

The Supported Services field on the Controller editor Details page is empty.


Device Node ID


In this case the a problem occurred during creation of the workstation.  This may have been due to the fact that a device node ID of 7001 was used in the Workstation configuration. 


  1. From another workstation in offline mode, delete the problem workstation from the Continuum Explorer network view. 
  2. Create a new workstation using Continuum DB Initializations Workstation initialization. 
  3. Make the Device Node ID equal to the ACCID.
  4. If there are any BACnet systems that read or write points to this workstation, the points will have to be remapped once the new node has been created.
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