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Upgrade to 50 series option grayed out in VisiSat


Upgrade to 50 series option grayed out in VisiSat




VisiSat version 2.0 stencils held no information regarding the 50 series controllers.


VisiSat 2.1 introduced the option to upgrade a MicroNet legacy controller (MN300, MN440, MN500, and MN620) to a 50 series type (MN350, MN450, MN550 and 650).
When the original project was created in version 2.0 VisiSat or older, this option can be grayed out.

1 Save the MicroNet legacy controllers configuration to disk.
2 Delete the controller.
3 Drop a new MicroNet legacy controller onto the main page.
4 Address the controller with the original address.
5 Load the configuration you saved in 1 above.
6 Now the option to upgrade will be available.

Updated January 2014.
The MicroNet 50 series range MN350,450,550,650 LCD and Touchscreen have been withdrawn from sale.
Currently no direct replacement is offered.
The IAC 420, 600 and Touchscreen are not effected and remain available.

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