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Upgrading SecureStruxure to Security Expert


A previous version of the client software badged SecureStruxure is installed, and needs to be upgraded to Security Expert.


Security Expert



The offer had the name changed between versions, and it's not straight forward to update the software.


SecureStruxure can be upgraded to Security Expert by following these steps:

  1. Contact Product Support to upgrade the site license to Security Expert..
  2. Backup the SecureStruxure databases via SQL Server Management Studio.
  3. Uninstall SecureStruxure.
  4. Rename the SecureStruxureOperations and SecureStruxureOperationsEvents databases to SecurityExpert and SecurityExpertEvents
  5. When you run the Security Expert installer, use the new Security Expert SSN.  You will need to point Security Expert at the MS SQL database instance you were previously using for SecureStruxure (this is likely "localhost\SECURESTRUXURE").  The installation wizard should pick up the databases and upgrade them, retaining all the SecureStruxure programming.
  6. Log into the UI and relicense the software.
    1. If you are unable to connect to the license server (no internet connection), you can use the manual method for registering a license.
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