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Upgrading a 779703 bin file from a pre-I/NET Seven release to current


Upgrading a 779703 bin file from a pre-I/NET Seven release to current.

Station conflict errors occur after upgrading a 779703 ICI



I/NET Seven

I/NET ICI Configurator


The 779703 ICI can be configured to use up to 4 channels using the DCU address feature HHC.  This information is then stored on the Save file. We have found that this information can be corrupted when upgrading a save file from a very old build to a very new build. The Controller will reserve the same number of addresses as configured in the MXL Panel Address.



  1. Verify with the customer that it is safe to take the ICI offline
  2. Direct Connect to the ICI and perform a station save
  3. Disconnect the ICI from the controller LAN
  4. Verify that the ICI is configured as the correct type using Edit>Controller>Configuration
  5. If needed, save the controller in Network Configuration
  6. Download the bin file
  7. While the file downloads, verify it is a 779703 build
  8. Once the download is complete connect to the controller and perform a station restore
  9. Open the ICI Editor
  10. Confirm with the Fire alarm contractor that all points are monitoring correct variables
  11. Select Edit>Configuration
  12. Note the current configuration
  13. Set the ICI Port as Enabled
  14. Set the Baud Rate as 9600 – Confirm this is correct with the Fire Alarm Contractor
  15. Set the Data Bits to 7
  16. Set the Stop Bits to 1
  17. Set the Parity to Even
  18. Set the Inter message delay to .05
  19. Set the Response time out to 2
  20. Set the MXL Panel Address to 1 (this is set incorrectly intentionally on the first download after a major upgrade)
  21. Disconnect from the controller in the ICI editor
  22. In I/NET perform a station Save
  23. In I/NET perform a station restore
  24. Reconnect to the controller in the ICI Editor
  25. Change the MXL Panel Address to the correct address of the panel. This number will have to be provided by the fire alarm contractor.
  26. Use the Handheld to verify that the DPU address is correct. If the panel is 0358 this should read 005858. If 000058 then the bin file is incorrect, if 0058xx then repeat steps 20-25
  27. In I/NET perform a station Save
  28. In I/NET perform a station restore
  29. Test a point with the fire alarm system.
  30. Copy the save file to disk and save it for future reference
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