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Using AVI files with Link Areas in I/NET Seven


Using AVI files with Link Areas in I/NET Seven


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How does one use AVI files with Link Areas in I/NET Seven


AVI files are not officially supported in I/NET Seven but the following functionality does exist.

Link Areas act a bit differently when layered on top of an AVI file in an I/NET Seven graphic page. Normally link areas are always visible on top any other graphic page object if the link area is clickable for page navigation, but when used in conjuncture with an AVI file the image of the AVI file are visible on top of the link area despite the fact that the link area is the functional item that is interacted with when you click in that area on the live graphic page. Because of this behavior you can use a link area that contains no text and make a user defined area of the AVI movie act as a link to another page.

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