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Using BACnet Multistate points within Continuum


Using BACnet Multistate points within Continuum





Can't use Multistate points values to trigger graphics or other objects


A third Party Multistate BACnet object needs to be mapped to a Continuum Infinity Numeric before it can be read as number.

A third Party Multistate BACnet object may be read as State 1, State 2, state 3 or On, Off, -On or other values

These should be either mapped to Infinity Strings or Numerical to be displayed or measures as required.

ContinuumNum = BACnetFullPath\PointName (if a number is required)
Then a ContinuumString can be set based on the ContinuumNum value if the text read from the third party point requires modifying.

Other MultiState Bacnet Notes
When setting the value of a third party Multistate Bacnet Objects eg "Heat", "Cool", "Auto", "Off", try using an integer
ie WriteProperty(Bacnet Object, 4, 1) rather than WriteProperty(Bacnet Object, Heat, 1)

Note: Some 3rd party bacnet devices default their multi-state values to 0 instead of 1. Cyberstation will not accept a default value of 0. Get the 3rd party vendor to set the default to 1 if possible.

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