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Using Corporate 1000 card format in sites using both CX9900s and CX9680s


How do I use the Corporate 1000 card format on sites with a mixture of CX9900 and CX9680 controllers?


  • CX9900
  • CX9680
  • Corporate 1000 card format


You cannot use the card type of Corporate 1000 directly in a system that has access controllers other that Netcontroller II and ACX II's on it


The problem here is that the CX9900 does not directly support the Corporate 1000 card type.
The only way to do it on the CX9900 is to use a custom format which means the card type on the personnel record
is also set to Custom Format. Setting up the AccessFormat on the CX9900 is standard but when trying
to use this format on the CX9680 you will get an error. The reason for this is because in order to implement
the Corporate 1000 card type on the CX9680 we had to create a custom format for it behind the scenes since the AC-1's could not directly support this new card type.
In order to create this as a Custom Format on the CX9680 use the special numeric AccessFormat2 and set it up
the same as you did in the CX9900.

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