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Using Event Sequence 0 to set default values for internal AO points


Triggering a default value to internal AO points when the value is reset to 0


  • I/NET Seven
  • Event Sequence 0


#A controller will run Event Sequence 0 any time one of these changes occurs:

  • Power up
  • Controller reset
  • Database restore

Internal AO point values will default to 0 (zero). If this AO point is used as a setpoint in a DDC loop, this could cause issues.


Option 1

Use Event Sequence 0 to set internal setpoint values to a default value following power loss, reset, or restore.

  1. When connected to the controller, navigate to Edit > Controller > Event Sequences
  2. Click on Seq 0 and choose "Add." Sequence 0 is reserved to run on reset.
  3. Add an action
    • Action: Output (or Output with lock)
    • Delay: Defaults to 0
    • Point: AO that is used for the setpoint
    • Skip/Value: Desired default setpoint value.

Below is an example of what an Event Sequence 0 looks like of an Internal AO used as a setpoint. In this example anytime Event Sequence 0 runs, it will output a value of  75 degrees.


Option 2

  1. Open up Event Sequences.
  2. Add event 0 to the list. Event sequence number 0 runs at a power up, after a reset of controller power or a database restore of the DCU.

  3. Modify event sequence 0. Put every interanal "AO" setpoint in this event with a default value that is safe to operate at. 
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