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Using Loytec LPA with SmartStruxure AS


How can you use Loytec's LPA software with the AS as the interface


Automation Server

Loytec LPA


A Loytec LPA can be a valuable troubleshooting tool to diagnose communication problems on a LON fieldbus.


As the Automation Server uses Loytec's Lon chip, it is possible to use Loytec's LPA software over the Lon port on the AS.

You need a license to use the LPA software. You either need the "LPA-IP" or the "LPA-IP-SW" package depending on your setup. Here is a product overview on Loytec's home page. Here is a link to download the software. You need to create a free login in order to download software from Loytec's home page.

For help buying and registering the LPA software read Lessons Learned Article  #6243

For general help on Lonworks troubleshooting read Lessons Learned Article #4022

For help troubleshooting Lon communication with TAC Xenta's, read Lessons Learned Article #4974

There is a limitation when using LPA through an AS. Refer to Lessons Learned Article #18069


Please make sure that you have a LonWorks interface configured in the Automation Server before proceeding. You will also need to add a Local Node to the interface and to commission it.


1. Start the LPA software


2. Click on "Profile -> Network Interface..."


3. Click on "Remote LPA Assignment"


4. Click on "Add Device"


5. Enter the IP address of the AS, click on "Get Info" and click on "Add Device and Restart Search"


6. Select the StruxureWare device and click on "Assign/Add"


7. Select the interface you want to assign to the AS, and click "Assign"


8. With the interface assigned, click "OK"


9. Select the SmartStruxure interface and click "OK"


10. Now the LPA software is using the AS as interface


11. Start a new LPA log

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