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Using Modbus RTU X Driver to read Power data from a SE PM800 meter. Data type is 64bit Mod10


Are examples available to show how to write Plain English programs and create points for a Modbus RTU X Driver linked to Schneider Electric Power meters?


Modbus RTU X Driver

Schneider Electric PM800 Power meters.


How can Modbus RTU X-Driver programs be written to poll for the data in a 3rd party Modbus device?


The attached example show how to use the modbus RTU x-driver to read 4 16 bit data values from the PM800 meter, then using plain english to get the values to output to a single infinity numeric the total Power reading in kWH/mWH/gWH depending on the scaling factor of the meter.

Create 4 Numerics reading the four registers that are used to store the data.

Registers, 1716, 1717, 1718, 1719 are used in the PM800

Then create another numeric and via PE do the following calculation

Energy Calc = (Register 4 x 1000000000000) + (Register 3 x 100000000) + (Register 2 x 10000) + Register 1. This will give you the value in wH. Then use a multiplier to give you the final reading in kWH etc.

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