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Using Plain English to calculate damper position on controllers that do not have the Damper Feedback feature.


Is the feedback attribute (damper output OverrideValue) available on the i2866-V vav controllers a simple timer on the motion of the motor?

Can the damper feedback function be accomplished on controllers that don't have the damper feedback feature using Plain English programming that counts the number of seconds driven open or close.


Damper Feedback


  • Controllers that have the damper feedback can detect the end of stroke for both the open and closed position through an a true detection of the end of damper stroke.   
  • This feature is not available in all controller models.


  • It is possible to calculate damper position using Plain English.
  • The down side of this is that you will have to make some assumptions as to when the damper was at the end of its stroke.
  • Because of this Plain English solutions for Damper Feedback are less accurate and less reliable.
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