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Using Relative linking when creating Graphics


Unable to move graphics to a different drive.


I/NET Graphics Editor


When using the full path for links between I/NET graphics pages, the exact path must be preserved in order for the link to work.  If the graphics are every moved to a new PC or new location, the exact graphic path, including the drive letter must remain unchanged. 

A simple process can prevent this extra work from being required, and allow graphics to be moved freely between machines and hard drives.


Setup -

  1. Create a root graphics folder.  Label it "Graphics" or anything you like.
  2. Create a single layer of sub-folders to help you organize graphics. (i.e. "Floor Plans" "Building1" "bmp images" etc.)
  3. If you are working on an existing system, you obviously cannot move everything to a new location, but at least try to establish a root graphics folder moving forward.


  1. Create a new graphics page called Home.gpg in the Graphics folder
  2. Edit Home.gpg
  3. Create a new link between pages by using the Page Marker tool and clicking
  4. Click on the "Select" button next to Destination page to choose the page you wish to link to
  5. A default absolute path will show up. For this example I'll link to C:\Program Files\INET Seven\Graphics\floorplan.gpg
  6. To use relative linking I have to know that both the graphic I am editing and the one I am liking to are in the same folder C:\Program Files\INET Seven\Graphics.  So in this case, I can change the link from "C:\Program Files\INET Seven\Graphicsfloorplan.gpg" to "floorplan.gpg"
  7. If I wanted to link to a page in sub-folder, for example C:\Program Files\INET Seven\Graphics\building1\VAVs.gpg, I would just change the link to "building1\VAVs.gpg"
  8. In order to link from VAVs.pgp to Home.pgp, I would have to edit the VAVs.gpg and use link with the text ..\home.gpg.  The ..\ tells the computer to look up one directory.
  9. In order to link from C:\Program Files\INET Seven\Graphics\building1\VAVs.gpg to C:\Program Files\INET Seven\Graphics\building2\AHUs.gpg, I would have to use the link "..\building2\AHUs.gpg". This tells the computer to look up one directory, then go into the building2 folder and find the AHUs.gpg

Once all graphics are set to use relative linking instead of absolute, only the self contained folder structure within the graphic folder has to stay the same. Everything can be zipped and moved to any other drive.

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