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Using STR-350 override with a Xenta 121


How do you integrate a time schedule in a Xenta programmable data manager, the occupancy command for a Xenta 121, and the override button on the associated STR-350 stat in an LNS system where everything is connected using SNVTs?



Xenta 121



The desired outcome is to have all of the occupancies synched up at all times.  This will keep the stat showing the current effective setpoint, the 121 running the unit when appropriate, and the effective occupancy available from the front end.


Place the STR-350 in between the Xenta programmable occupancy output and the input command of the Xenta 121.

  1. nvoOccupancy (user defined name) output from Xenta programmable binds to nviEffectOccup of STR-350.
  2. nvoOccManCmd output from STR-350 binds to nviOccManCmd of Xenta 121.
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