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Using SevenReports to display Decimal Format Card Numbers


The TenantIndividual Report only returns the Hexadecimal format card number.




I/NET does not store the Decimal format of a Card number, on the Hexadecimal format. To view this information you will need to create a custom Report Field.


  1. In the SevenReports Design View, Right click on "SQL Expression Fields" and select "new"
  2. Name the Field
  3. Enter the following text: CONVERT(INT,CARDNUMBER)
  4. Save and Close
  5. Expand "SQL Expression Fields"
  6. Add the newly created Expression Field to your report
  7. Resize the Field to allow all of the data to be displayed
  8. Right Click on the Field select Format Field
  9. In the Number Tab Select "-1123"
  10. Click Ok
  11. Preview your report
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